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Duek Family, the pioneer of the establishment of Intertoy and Tıpset companies, has also extensive experience and knowledge about the construction and automotive sectors. Motokar company (www.motokar.com.tr), which is owned by Yusuf Duek and imports automotive spare parts and accessories comes forward with its innovative approach and praiseworthy success.

Edi Edgar Duek previously took place in the organization of FİYAPI. Edi Edgar Duek, quited FİYAPI in 2008, established ENA Real Estatein a cooperation with Duek Family and Nuri Petek in June 2009 to keep up his works in construction and real estate sector under a different organization.ENA Real Estate which is brought into being by the reflections of experiences of its founders,aims to build living places that modern people desire to have,with modern methods and high quality in a comfortable environment.

Doğa Real Estate(www.dogagayrimenkul.com), with a deep experience in sector, successfully completed the projects of Doğa Country, Emirgan Homes, Doğa Meşe Park and Selenium Country so far. Doğa Feriloft, Doğa 77 and Doğa Hanımeli are projects that are on progress. The owner of Özpetek Construction and one of the partners of ENA Real Estate, Nuri Petek, has been working in construction sector since 2005 and successfully finished projects in a total number of 53 houses including İde Business Center in Kemerburgaz / Göktürk.

ENAReal Estate pays great attention on customer satisfaction, service quality, environmental and human factors.With the power of the inspiration that is achieved by the experience of its founders in the sector and with the young, dynamic and creative team, ENA Real Estate keeps its works going.
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