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Doğa Terrace Houses at Göktürk - 08.02.2010
Göktürk, the increasing value of Istanbul is preparing to welcome a new living site. The date determined for the sales of the first flats in Doğa Terrace Houses to be established in two blocks containing 63 flats, is February 2010. The project promises the advantage of %25 proportional to the other demanders at the sales of the first 10 flats of the project. The saloons of the Doğa Terrace Houses realised by Ena Gayimenkul, is covered with glass from ceiling to floor and the indoors can be modified.

Doğa Terrace Houses which consists of 62 flats which are mostly designed as 2 +1 and with the area of 80 m2 and majority of them having a balcony, has two social living areas. One of these is at the entrance and provides site residents the opportunities to socialise, communicate and join among themselves with the saloon with the area of 70 m2, fitness and Pilates areas and children toy garden. The other social living site waits the site residents at the terrace. The pool and the bar to be located afterwards promises a unique experience especially during summer months.

The date determined for the sales of the first flats in Doğa Terrace Houses which are designed with the aim of brining the people having similar life style and philosophy together rather than the large masses, is February 2010. In the Doğa Terrace Houses at which 25 different choices are provided in 62 flats, there are 23 2 +1, 15 1+1,14 3+1 and 1 0+1 houses. The prices will range from 140-390 thousand TRY and the payments are arranged as %30 advance payment, %20 at the delivery and the balance will be in 24 instalments with no interest.

Ena Gayrimenkul

Ena Gayrimenkul which was established in 2009, is a consortium crated by Edi Edgar Duek Ena Gayrimenkul aims to build the houses that contemporary people desire to have at a lively environment by using modern techniques and without compromising from the quality.
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